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Map kawaii Fair 2012

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Kawaii Fair 2013

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The 2th annual kawaii Fair
Date: 12 - 26 April.

Application Open for Designers & Bloggers


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Countdown Kawaii Fair 2012

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 01-14 - Sponsors kawaii - Stores Reserved
 01-54 - Choose the place, first come first

 0 - Bazaar kawaai-  Each designer can purchase the 0L, 2 vendor in Bazaar kawaii. Each item in the Bazaar kawaii can be sold for 1L to 10L. No FREE, only 1-10L !!!! 

Kawaii Bazaar is located in a strategic place of the land, to make customers walk all over the place. We seek the cooperation of all the designers to put quality products, helping to publicize the event and your brand.

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☺ ☺ ☺ Kawaii Fair 2012 ☺ ☺ ☺

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Kawaii in the world, everything is cute and even food is life and consciousness. To better illustrate how this planet, we will create a situation:

You just wake up because of your alarm clock, then you realize that instead of making an annoying noise, it is jumping on his stomach and laughing. When you open your eyes, see that the alarm has a mouth and eyes and seems to be enjoying themselves. Know what you say?


When you go to your coffee, you realize that all that is solid has eyes: mug, refrigerator, cookies and even the chair seem to see you smile. Everything seems to like you and be friendly ...

And the fashion?

Fashion is a key element in day to day lives. Defines style and a lot about it.
Lolitas are inspired by the culture "kawaii" (cute or adorable) and the Japanese nostalgia for other times as historical periods (ancient France) or simply his own childhood, the subcategories are many, eg: Classical Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Punk Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Wa Lolilta Erololi and are among the key.

What about Kawaii Fair?
We hope to bring together the best designers in a magical world, cute never seen in Second Life. A world where there is no age, everyone is invited because everything is perfect and lovely.


Date:  14-28 april 2012

Fonte: Text adapted from http://desciclopedia.org

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